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The corporate purpose of Concerts for a Cure, Inc. is to utilize music as a catalyst to raise awareness for issues ailing society by sponsoring and promoting benefit concerts. Funds raised from the concert will be used to support Concerts for a Cure and its mission of contributing to charities selected by the company's board of directors. We believe we can change the world one person at a time, one problem at a time.

This year we are continuing our mission to raise awareness for HPV (Human Papillomavirus). HPV is a common virus that can cause cervical cancer. It is in fact the very reason Concerts for a Cure, Inc. was founded.
The story of Concerts for a Cure started in 2006 when founder MaryBeth Hammer was diagnosed with a common virus called HPV (Human Papillomavirus). This deadly disease causes cervical cancer. She found out she had the virus and pre-cancerous cells. "Quite a shock to me, I didnít know much about HPV nor did I think a conservative, young, healthy, active female would have to worry about cancer." The precancerous cells were removed and in the process she learned quite a bit from her doctor and on the web. "It was quite a traumatic experience and much anguish could have been prevented had I known more and took initiative in talking to my doctor about HPV. So I decided to utilize my singer/songwriter talents to help other people and spread the word about HPV. My hope is to help others so they donít experience the same pain and emotional trauma." Two years later, Concerts for a Cure, Inc. was formed and backed by several major sponsors including Merck, Inc., Jacobs Engineering, Sam Ash Music Stores and many other small sponsors. The first of its annual benefit concerts reeled in over $10,000. Proceeds were donated to The American Cancer Society for HPV related programs. Concerts for a Cure received much publicity including major Philadelphia radio station interviews with live performances from itsí founder singer/songwriter MaryBeth Hammer, front page newspaper articles, and several online publications. The most recent accomplishment can be seen on any shelf of your nearest grocery store; the February publications of Elle, Cosmo, Glamour and Shape.